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Hello! I'm Becky, an observer of life and an accidental author. 

I started writing essays ten years ago on my blogspot, which became a website and then a book. I invite you to follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

I'm not political or controversial in my writing, and I'm not an endorser or influencer. This blog doesn't make money by promoting brands, people, or products, so you will find few ads, followers, or controversy here. 

If I have any influence, it is to point you to having a 

personal relationship with God.

My relationship with God is everything to me. 


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Small Town Girl Becky Graham.

Book Reviews


I hope the author is working on another book! She is an excellent writer! She didn't write a book about infertility - she wrote a book about her faith journey that encouraged me on my own faith journey. Thank you for encouraging me to keep walking by faith!


I don't think I ever read a book that has captured my attention like this book. I could not stop reading - turning the page wanting to know what happened next.


Reading this book put me on an unexpected journey as it makes us reflect on our lives, the choices we make, and the importance of having faith...all in a very pleasant, fun, and even romantic way. Loved it!


Becky wrote with such authenticity, vulnerability, and suspense that I could not stop reading until I got to the end of the story! 


"Becky's ability to draw her readers into the story and to connect them with the characters' journey is truly a gift."

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