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        I'm Becky, an observer of life and an accidental writer. My blog posts are about how I interact with the world around me and my ever-changing relationship with God. Sometimes my posts are fun and humorous,
and other times my posts are messy and soul provoking.

I grew up in a rural area outside of a small town in Ohio, spent 29 years in Illinois, and now, a reluctant transplant to South Florida for the past five years. I've been reading memoirs and biographies since I was a young girl. When I'm not writing, I teach a fitness class, enjoy playing scrabble against the computer, and cooking new recipes. My favorite title is wife to Mr. Small Town and mom to my son. You can often find me enjoying random conversations in a store, sipping a good strong cup of coffee, or creating spaces to create community and conversations. 
You can read my blog posts on this website and older blog posts on my original website site.


After sharing posts about her journey to motherhood, readers
begged Becky for more of the story. She started writing and
the rest of her unexpected journey is in her first book,


Faithful: An Unexpected Journey to Motherhood.

"Becky's ability to draw her readers into the characters' lives, and to connect them to their journey,

is truly a gift. She writes with such open vulnerability and suspense that 

I could not stop reading the book until the end of the story!"

"Becky had me sobbing in one paragraph and a few paragraphs later

I was belly laughing - all within the first chapter!"

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Why Small Town Girl?

Becky interviewed by Saray Rodriguez Noverini February 23, 2020


Andrea Hammer of 
'Your Life Program" 
interviews Becky about her writing journey and how she became a published author. (June 2018)

Click on photo to listen to podcast


Click on photo to listen to podcast

Andrea Hammer of 
'Your Life Program" 
interviews Becky about her memoir, 
Faithful: An Unexpected Journey to Motherhood
(January 2018)