Becky is an observer of life. She pays attention to how she

interacts to the world around her and how God is changing her.
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Small Town Girl Becky Graham

After sharing posts about her journey to motherhood, readers

begged for more of the story. She started writing and
the rest of the story is in her first book,  

Faithful: An Unexpected Journey to Motherhood.

Readers are giving Faithful high praise and are already
asking for a sequel.

"Becky's ability to draw her readers into the characters'

lives, and to connect them to their journey, is truly a gift. She 

writes with such open vulnerability and suspense that readers could

not stop reading the book until the end of the story!"


"Becky had me sobbing in one paragraph and a few paragraphs later I was belly laughing - all within the first chapter!"

And what a story it is!

She didn't know how long her journey would be, what unexpected detours and life lessons she would learn, and
what would be the outcome of her journey to motherhood.
The ending not only surprised Becky but the reader also.  

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Becky is an avid reader of memoirs and biographies. When she isn't writing, she teaches a fitness class, enjoys a good game of online scrabble, putting puzzles together and creating a home

for the Small Town Family. 

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Andrea Hammer of 
'Your Life Program" 
interviews Becky about her writing journey and how she became a published author. (June 2018)

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Why Small Town Girl?


Andrea Hammer of 
'Your Life Program" 
interviews Becky about her memoir, 
Faithful: An Unexpected Journey to Motherhood
(January 2018)

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